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Talk about Pee

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Happy New Year!

…and a dry one for you.

Yes, my blog is about urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, leaking, and all that goes with bladder issues.  This is very treatable in most cases and I hope you will seek treatment.  There are options short of drugs and surgery worth exploring first – such as the all-natural, drug free, guided program The Bladder Cure.

This year I will bring to you real life stories, insights on the latest research, answers to commonly asked questions and most of all hope.  You do not have to live with the shame and embarrassment of loss of bladder control.

Helping others to help themselves.

Karen Sebastian, MSPT


Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Hello and welcome!

I would like to share with you all that I have experienced, learned and know about bladder issues and pelvic health as a women, a mother, and a Physical Therapist.  My goal is to empower other women (& men) with knowledge about what is happening to their bodies during the course of life.  Urinary incontinence and overactive bladder are still well kept secrets and I want you to know you do not have to live with these conditions.  In most cases you do not have to opt for surgery as a first-line choice for treatment.

My education: I hold a Masters degree in Physical Therapy from Boston University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics/Nutrition from University of California, Davis. I received Pilates Certification under the progressive thinking Marie Jose Blom of Long Beach Dance Conditioning, and have been a yoga practitioner over many years.

My story:  Following the birth of my first child I experienced urinary incontinence. I was lucky enough to meet a Physical Therapist specializing in Women’s Health who helped me completely resolve my leaking.  My eyes were opened and I carried this experience into my own practice of physical therapy.  After seeing the numbers of Seniors living with incontinence; thinking it is normal, and speaking to countless new moms who laughingly refer to their leaking I decided it was time to reach out more broadly.

I created The Bladder Cure DVD to provide an option for education and self-help.  I have incorporated my cumulative knowledge and current scientific research into the development of “The Bladder Cure” DVD to bring to you the most effective self-help approach.  If you prefer, one on one therapy with a physical therapist is available nationwide and is a very effective option for treatment in most cases.

Feel free to forward questions or comments.  If you have a question chances are many others do too.

Helping others to help themselves,

Karen Sebastian, MSPT, CEO

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