“What exercises are best to stop urine leaking?”

“Leaking”, also known as stress urinary incontinence is caused by over stretching or weakening of the pelvic floor muscles.  This can be caused by child birth, repeated heavy lifting, ligament laxity, or pelvic surgery.

Alleviate “leaking” by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles:

  1. Long Contractions – to give your muscles strength and endurance.
  2. Quick Contractions – to allow you to activate your muscles quickly when you sneeze, laugh or lift.
  3. Integrate Pelvic Floor Activation into Daily Activity – this will become an automatic reaction after training and is effective for long term maintenance.
  4. Learn to Relax your Pelvic Floor Muscles to Avoid Overuse – to avoid leaking we often try to hold the pelvic floor muscles all the time.  Like any overuse injury this results in weakening of the muscles. Proper strengthening of the pelvic floor will give you the confidence to know you can activate your pelvic floor when needed and let the muscles relax the rest of the time.

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